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Statuette of the god Hotei - bring prosperity to your home

According to feng shui, Hotei is considered the deity of happiness, unrestrained fun, well-being, and joyful communication. Sometimes he is also called the God of Abundance or the smiling Buddha. Probably, that is why people all over the world give each other statuettes of Hotei and his image to bring wealth, success and happiness to the house. Our article will tell you how to choose a figurine for your home and even the assortment of products that you can choose from on the website

God with a full bag - what can he give you?

According to feng shui, this deity helps a person to succeed in any of his endeavors, especially in business. The figurine of Hotei will attract luck, increase luck, and bring wealth, prosperity, and joy not only to you but also to your loved ones. This god can be described as the true embodiment of serenity, generosity, and harmony. If we believe the legend, Hotei not only determines the fate of the person who owns his statuette but also grants him the fulfillment of all wishes, even the most cherished. The smiling Buddha, as the god of happiness and joy, is endowed with Qi energy, which is considered positive for a person. That is why such a figurine, according to beliefs, can not only improve the owner's life but also remove all the negative energy of Shi, which can have a deadly effect on a person, bringing disease and destruction.

In what form is the smiling Buddha depicted?

As a rule, Hotei has the appearance of a bald man with a rather huge belly, behind which there is always a full bag. It is not known for certain what the bag is filled with, because one version says that it has a lot of money, gold, and precious stones inside, and according to another, all the troubles and misfortunes that can fall on people's heads are collected there.

These figurines are made from a variety of materials: stone, plaster, wood, metal, stone chips, clay, amber, semi-precious and precious stones. Among other things, the figure can be miniature or huge. Recently, figures of Hotey in the form of keychains have become very popular. A very important role in feng shui is played by the color of the figurine. It should be white or golden.

In the hands of the god, there can be various objects that do not affect his energy, but make the figurine more attractive and interesting: a fan, a string of pearls, a rocker, a peach, or rosaries. Hotei is often depicted sitting on an elephant, turtle, snake or next to a real Dragon.

The meaning of the "Hotey" statuette with different attributes may vary. So, for example, according to feng shui, pearls mean spiritual or material wealth, but peach is a symbol of a long life. If a person wants to find his own spiritual path, then it is better to give him a gift of Hotey with rosaries in his hands. But the fan helps to get rid of various life obstacles that may come across you. The rocker is a symbol of sudden wealth. Sometimes together with the smiling Buddha, a pumpkin, a bundle of coins from ancient China, and a staff are depicted. They help improve family life, make it longer and happier, and provide financial well-being.

A dragon standing next to Hotei means that a new, more prosperous era will come in your business. If the god is surrounded by children, then the figurine will help you have offspring. Hotei is often depicted inside a pyramid. In this case, he will help you multiply your finances.

When buying such a figurine, note that the seated god is endowed with the female energy of Yin, and if he is standing - the male Yang.

Where better to keep the talisman of the smiling God?

Buying a statuette of Hotey is only half the battle. In order to attract positive energy to the house, it is necessary to put it in the right place. The main thing here is to understand what goals you set for yourself. If you want to receive respect and honor from colleagues, then it is better to place the talisman in the hallway. It is very important that Hotei faces the front door. You can achieve recognition if you place the statuette in the southern part of the house. Financial luck (for example, winning the lottery) will be brought by a smiling Buddha when standing in the southeast direction. The eastern part is for those who want to get family well-being and happiness. If you put the god Hotey on your desktop, he will protect you from stress, conspiracies, betrayal and improve your career development.

If the Hotei on the statuette is located between the coins, then it is best to put it in the area responsible for attracting money. But the god with the cane in his hands must be placed in the health improvement sector. If Hotei holds a string of pearls in his hands, the best place for him will be a place of wisdom. A god surrounded by babies will look great in the west or south-west sector. Whatever place you choose, it is best that the talisman is clearly visible from different sides of the apartment. If you buy several different figurines and place them around the house, this will increase your chances of success.

Fulfillment of wishes with Hotey

If you want the smiling Buddha to help you fulfill your most cherished wishes, according to feng shui you need to rub his belly clockwise at least 300 times. At the same time, try to constantly think about the desire. So that you are always accompanied by luck in everything, you need to rub Hotey's tummy a little every time you leave the house.

The Story of the Smiling Buddha

The prototype of the eternally cheerful god was a bald, pot-bellied monk who bore the unusual for us name of Tsi-Tsi. He lived in the territory of ancient China at the end of the 9th century. Traveling around the world, the monk always tried to bring happiness and joy to everyone he met on the way. The monk always had a simple bag behind his back, and ordinary wooden rosaries in his hands. Because Qi-Chi was always laughing, thereby infecting everyone around with a good mood. If he was asked what exactly he carries in his bag, he always answered: "The whole world."

There is another interesting version according to which it is Buddha-Maitreya. He was distinguished by such unearthly beauty that he charmed any woman. Unfortunately, he did not reciprocate to any of them and constantly broke their hearts. Because of this, the Buddha decided that he would become fat and bald so that no one would fall in love with him again.

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