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Over that last year we have been asking our speakers to imagine this:

You are about to give a talk to a group of interested GPs. You were going to speak for 1 hour at an important international conference, but as bad luck would have it, you and a group of GPs have got stuck in the lift and your talk has been cancelled. However, you will be rescued in two minutes. Knowing what an interesting speaker you are and how passionately you feel about this area of your work, your colleagues plead with you to pass on some essential pearls of wisdom.

What are your top tips in two minutes??!!! Here, gathered together, are their 'Top Tips.'

Addenbrookes PGMC provides top tips as educational aid to clinical practice based on published evidence. The ultimate judgement regarding a particular clinical problem lies with the clinician directly involved and in light of information presented by the patient and the options available. These guides are not meant to be prescriptive. 

Handouts for

Arthritis of the Knee
Bereavement and Illness on Children
CFS Children
Children Behaving Badly
Communicating with Children Aged 5 - 12
Constipation in Children
Coughs in Children
Depression in Children
Diet and Obesity
Dr B Silverman - Shoulders
Dr C Denman - Personality Disorder
Dr C Stephenson - Red Eye
Dr E O Brien - Stroke Disease
Dr G Lennox - Headaches
Dr Iqbal - Depression
Dr Iqbal - Top Tips
Dr J Jenner - Necks
Dr J Woodward - IBS-IBD
Dr P Silverston - Road Accident
Dr P Stephenson - Asthma
Dr R Rintoul - Mesothelioma
Dr V Kirthisingha - Care Home
Eczema Herpeticum
End of Life Emergencies
Engaging with Young People
Erectile Dysfunction
Foetal Abnormality
Genetic Conditions
Genital Herpes
Homeless Healthcare
Joint Swelling in Children
Laser Refective Surgery
Lernierres Syndrome
Local Anaesthesia
Mr R Crawford - HPV
Mr R Gray - ENT Problems in Children
Mr R Price - Make me Smile
Nausea and Vomiting
Necrotising Facilitis
Paediatric Gynaecology
Perinatal Psychiatry
Pneumonia in Children
Problems of the Foot and Ankle
Red Eye
Shoulder Pain (Physiotherapist Viewpoint)
Shoulder Pain (Rheumatologist Viewpoint)
Shoulder Pain (Surgical Viewpoint)
Spinal Osteomyleitis
Squints in Children
Substance Misuse
Taking a Family History
Watery Sticky Eye in Children
Wound Care and Dressings