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How to wear bracelets correctly

One of the oldest women's jewelry - bracelets, has not lost its relevance for thousands of years. Fashion changes and with it certain materials of bracelets, shapes and rules of their wearing become popular. But the accessory itself was, is and will be one of the main ornaments in a woman's wardrobe. As an enduring symbol of femininity, bracelets have evolved over the centuries, adapting to changing styles and materials. At, we celebrate this timeless accessory with a curated collection that marries tradition and modernity. Our bracelets, including exquisite amber jewelry, embody the rich history of women's adornments.

How to wear bracelets correctly

If you already have a decent collection of bracelets, but you don't know how to wear them all? From the article, you will learn how you can look fashionable and stylish with the stock you have.

Determine if you are a conservative or an experimenter. If you belong to the first type, then most likely you have the right bracelet for every occasion. Ladies of the second type like to experiment with what they have at hand, creating new combinations of accessories. Thereby, they give exclusivity and zest to the image, expressing their mood with extraordinary sets.

Stylists recommend following some unspoken rules on how to properly wear bracelets, combine them with clothes, watches and other jewelry:
  • Chain bracelets should hang freely from the wrist.
  • Wide one-piece bracelets should fit tightly around the hand.
  • The size of hard bracelets should be such that it would be possible to remove it from the hand.

It is worth paying attention to the visual size of the hand and the accessory:
  • A chain, narrow rigid bracelets, as well as products with pendants will look beautiful on a thin handle.
  • It is better to wear large beads or wide bracelets on a plump hand.

When combining jewelry with clothes, you need to remember:
  • With a long sleeve, it is better to wear a big bracelet over clothes, if the bottom of the sleeve is not widened and not overloaded with decoration.
  • With a short sleeve, you can wear accessories without restrictions.
  • With clothes where the shoulder is lowered, the ornament should be put on the same hand.

Amber jewelry

As for the material of decoration, today you can find products not only made of precious metals and stones, but also plastic, wood, glass, and even feathers. Such jewelry, of course, can be changed at least every season. But if you really want reliability and solidity, then give preference to semi-precious stones, gold, silver, which will serve you with faith and truth all your life. In light of the fact that amber is not losing its popularity, consider purchasing an amber bracelet. You should not think that this gem is for grandmothers, because modern masters make real masterpieces of jewelry art from it.

Amber jewelry is a classic that is not influenced by fashion. However, even young girls can choose exclusive and stylish jewelry that expresses their uniqueness. But what can I say, an amber bracelet or brooch is suitable even for a young girl! Thanks to the unique designs of amber jewelry, women of any age can add sophistication and romance to their look.

You can buy an amber bracelet in reliable and verified stores, where the possibility of fakes is excluded, because it is practically impossible to recognize the naturalness of amber without special equipment. Our online jewelry store "Yantar Polissia" has all the necessary quality certificates and a huge selection of products from the manufacturer!